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Cherry Blossoms at Yeouido

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Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, Seoul.

Running from April 1-15, the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival attracts a huge 4 million people a year. They all come to see the 6km stretch of 1400 cherry blossom trees that bloom here at this time of year starting on Yunjungno Avenue, right behind the Korean National Assembly.

During the festival period, visitors can admire gorgeous spring flowers such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, forsythias, and royal azaleas set against the backdrop of the Hangang River. Visitors can also enjoy a number of famous performances and works of art by skilled artists from Korea and all over the world.

This is definately a festival worth visiting if you are around Seoul. Just try to avoid the huge crowds on weekend afternoons.

Location: Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro areas (behind the National Assembly building)
By subway: Exit #4, subway line 2, Dangsan station, 15min walk / Exit #1~3, Yeouinaru station, subway line 5, 20min walk / Exit #1, Yeouido station, subway line 5, 25min walk