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DongGang River

Donggang River is a river in Yeongwol and Jeongseon county, South Korea. It remains the cleanest river and region in whole S. Korea which has gone through sharp industrial development. It is a tributary to the South Hangang River that covers an area of 60 km. The Donggang River follows a snaky path splitting the chiseled cliffs surrounding it. Many tourists visit the area to see rare animals such as otters, Mandarin ducks, and Chinese scops owls. It is largely recommended to experience rafting in Donggang.
One of the most popular summer activities in Korea is whitewater rafting. Get together a group of friends and head to Donggang River, Naerincheon Stream, Hantangang River in Gangwon-do or Geumgang River in Muju, Jeollabuk-do to participate in this exciting summer sport. There are over ten rafting centers in these areas where visitors can rent gear, take lessons, or take a ride down one of the many rafting courses. The difficulty of each course depends on the current of each river; Donggang River and Hantangang River have calmer currents that give rafters a chance to take in the view of the surrounding rocks and cliffs, while Naerincheon Stream and Geumgang River have stronger currents perfect for thrill-seekers and more experienced rafters.

Yeongwol Donggang Festival

The 2010 Yeongwol Donggang Festival is set to start at the Donggang River area (in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do) Friday, July 30th and will run to Tuesday, August 3rd. The Donggang River was once a primary waterway for rafts carrying timber to Hanyang (the former name of Seoul). Since 1997, the Donggang Festival has been an annual celebration of these log rafts, which were not only the primary means of transportation, but also came to symbolize the livelihood of the region.
Starting with the 'Creative Log Raft Competition' at 10:00am on July 30th, the festival will be kicking off with a program of performances and fireworks, followed by a celebratory parade leading to the Donggang Riverbank, the main festival venue.
During the festival period, a range of participatory activities and events will be held along the Donggang Riverbank, including a treasure hunt, catching trout with your bare hands, and street basketball competitions. This year’s festival will run under the theme 'Donggang! Happy Summer' and will take place roughly around the same time as the Donggang International Photo Festival (opened since July 23rd).

Rental Information

Taebaek Sanmaek 033)375-5070, 011-9798-5070 (Korean)
Dongganghanmaeum Rafting 033)375-2500, 011-374-2874 (Korean)
Gangwon Donggang Rafting 033)375-1500, 010-9733-1600 (Korean)
Donggang Podowon Rafting 033)374-8818, 011-9798-8815 (Korean)
Hyeondae Leports 033)373-3301, 011-375-4456 (Korean)
Donggang Jayeonam Rafting 033)375-0070, 016-352-0940 (Korean)
Donggang Leisure Rafting 033)373-3371, 011-9969-1133 (Korean)
Taeyong Rafting 033)374-1444, 010-6376-1444 (Korean)
Ttenmok Leisure 011-9059-7421 (Korean)
Donggangheungguk Rafting 033)375-9211, 011-363-0846 (Korean)
Taitanik Rafting 374-8288 (Korean)
Yeondaecheon 033)372-6940, 011-362-9290 (Korean)
Jakgol Rafting 033)375-0795, 011-9798-0795 (Korean)
Yeongwol Rafting 033)375-1432, 010-7186-1432 (Korean)
Garam Rafting 033)374-4031, 011-9792-4070 (Korean)

Intercity Transportation

Train : Get off at Yeongwol train station
Bus : Get off at Yeongwol Bus station.
- Dong Seoul terminal : departure time 06:10 (operates 20 times a day until 19:00)
- Chuncheon terminal : departure time 06:40 (operates 15 times a day until 18:40)
- Wonju terminal : departure time 06:40 (operates 24 times a day until 20:50)
- Jecheon terminal : departure time 06:20 (operates 60 times a day until 21:50)
- Gangneung terminal: departure time 05:50 (operates 20 times a day until 18:10)